Our Services

1. Asphalt

Siteworks General Engineering provides all asphalt paving and maintenance services including repairs, resurfacing, reconstruction and asphalt grinding. We also provide new construction paving for parking lots, roadways, and driveways. No job is too small or large. Our paving experts will maximize your asphalt pavement with cost effective, well-thought out repairs. We have the expertise to correctly identify the root cause of your pavement failure and specify the most effective solution for your maintenance goals and budget.


  • Installations / Repairs
  • Demolition / Removal
  • Skin Patching / Crack-Fill
  • Petromat / Fabric Overlays
  • Speed Bumps / Humps
  • Ramps & Berms

2. Concrete

In conjunction with our expert asphalt paving crews, our experienced concrete crews provide a variety of services including flat work, sidewalks, curbs, and gutters.

A curb is used to transition from a raised surface to an unraised surface such as a paved street. Typically curbs are made from concrete and assist in drainage and safety.

Our skilled professional know the proper concrete mixtures to get the high quality results our customers have come to expect.

3. Grading & Excavating

Siteworks General Engineering provides a full range of service ranging from residential to commercial work. With our network of soil exchanges we can provide a more cost effective solution for your project. Our estimating department is equipped with three state of the art earthwork calculation (digitizer) systems and can provide complete cut/fill drawings and quantities to match your project design.

4. ADA Compliance

ADA COMPLIANCE UPGRADES Americans with Disabilities Act Compliance Upgrades
Choose SiteWorks to evaluate your handicap, parking lot access areas to ensure you're in compliance with the 2010 ADA STANDARDS FOR ACCESSIBLE DESIGN.


Handicapped Signage and Stenciling
Painted Wheel Stops
Recycled, Rubberized, Blue Wheel Stops

5. Seal Coat & Stripe

Seal Coat & StripeSealcoating is an important part of asphalt pavement maintenance. The sealcoat material is an emulsion that protects the asphalt from harmful UV rays, weather, grease, oil, and other harmful agents. Before sealcoat is applied, cracks must be cleaned and filled, grease & oil spots removed, and pavement structural failures must be repaired.

From driveways to shopping malls, tennis courts to running tracks, we use the highest grade materials available. We have sealer mixed for different pavement requirements. Our skilled professional crews use only the finest state of the art repair equipment ensuring our customers total satisfaction.

6. Underground Utilities

We provide services for commercial, industrial, municipal & residential customers.  Because we focus exclusively on underground utilities we have the ability to meet the specific needs of your project.  Contact us today to see how we can help make your project successful whether it be new construction, utility service, or emergency repair.

Our services include:

• Underground emergency repair
• Excavation
• New & retrofit sprinkler water mains
•  Water supply services
•  Sewer line repair & replacement
• Storm sewer
• Fire hydrant, post indicators, and  gate valve repair & replacement
• Pipe bursting
• Pipe jacking
• Horizontal directional drilling
• Geothermal heating slinky coil installation
• Storm water retention systems

7. Demolition

Siteworks General Engineering can be provided for any size job. We take down small offices, commercial and industrial buildings. We also do down small houses, trailers, and garages and unwanted residential pools with back fill.
The demolished material is removed from your site and taken certified transfer stations and or land fills. Cleanup is provided as required. On-site crushing is available for stone and concrete.

8. Asphalt Pulverizing

Pulverizing is a recycling process that grinds existing asphalt in place in a single pass and blends it with the underlying materials to form a quality base material.



Pulverizing by SiteWorks has the following advantages:

  • Reuse of existing materials eliminates disposal problems.
  • Reduction in costs over hauling off asphalt and importing granular fill or ABC.
  • Proven to conserve natural resources.
  • Faster project completion times.
  • Facilitates correction of pavement profile.
  • Reduction of heavy trucks on roadways hauling off broken asphalt and hauling in virgin materials.

9. On Site Crushing

Considerable savings can be realized with on site crushing and screening services. Unwanted, surplus, or unsuitable materials can be processed into valuable aggregate products. Doing this on the job site eliminates unnecessary transportation costs. Aggregate products produced may then be used on site, transported to another location, or sold.

Siteworks General Engineering has provided this service for private road builders, housing developers, and commercial general contractors. All can realize significant savings with Siteworks General Engineering.